Mizan is an Arabic word meaning balance. Mizan therapy brings balance to your digestive system, pelvic and reproductive organs. Physically, mentally and spiritually.  

Our womb has two functions, to cleanse herself each month and to create life. If you suffer from

  • Painful menstruation

  • Heavy bleeding before or after your period

  • Struggling with fertility issues

  • Have you had a C Section or abdominal surgery.

  • Suffered from miscarriages, stillbirth or termination

  • Digestive issues or IBS

  • Are you pregnant or just had a baby.

Each month when it’s her time to cleanse herself, she swells to twice the size, if she is tilted or misaligned she can put pressure on other organs or restrict the blood flow to the veins, ligaments that hold the womb in place, lymph and nervous systems creating sluggishness to name a few. Thus creating pain and other issues. 

By using natural and traditional healing techniques from different cultures, we gently guide her back into her rightful place through external massage. The increase of oxygenated blood refreshes and nourishes the organs and systems while detoxing and elimination stagnate blood and energy.

Techniques used will:

  • Clear the body of any toxic build up from congested circulator systems

  • Boost the digestive system to eliminate toxins properly which in turn boosts the immune system.

  • Guide a misaligned uterus back to her optimal position

  • Increase detoxification of the lymphatic system

  • Soothe and alleviate anxiety and the nervous system which in turn helps you feel in more control of life.

  • Grounds and centres women when in emotional confusion

  • Can dissipate/remove scar tissue and old clots

  • Re oxygenated blood supply

Benefits of Womb Therapy for specific conditions:

Menstrual difficulties:

  • Repositions the uterus

  • Balance the hormonal system

  • Facilitates the uterus to cleanse herself, including clots, increase’s blood circulation to the uterus and pelvic system.

  • Reduces toxicity and inflamed tissues which eases pain

  • Reduce anxiety and emotional trauma which can lead to irregular cycles



Fibroids, Polyps, Endometriosis:


  • Reposition the uterus making menstruation more efficient

  • Promotes hormonal balance and feedback between the uterus and ovaries

  • Breaks down scar tissue and adhesions

  • Nourishing the liver to detox and enhance metabolism of hormones

  • Encourages rich, oxygenated blood to the reproductive organs



  • Helps eliminate congestion

  • Brings rich, oxygenated blood to the ovaries

  • Helps eliminate inflammation

  • Rebalances the hormonal system and increases 


Fallopian Tubes:

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Can break up scar tissue with the fallopian tubes

  • Eliminate fluid build up in the tubes


Digestive Concerns:

  • Release trapped wind and bloating

  • Speeds up bowel movement and eliminate toxin build up in the digestive syste.

  • Reduce stress which allows the digestive system to function properly

  • Strengthens the vagus nerve and gut connection promoting strengthening trusting your intuition


Sensitive – Emotional Trauma:

  • Release the tension and trauma from the cells of the body

  • Release anxiety and stress

  • Strengthen intimate relationships with self and others


Miscarriage, stillbirth, and Termination:

  • Transform grief after loss

  • Rebalances your hormones, womb, and spirit

  • Nurture and nourish your uterus

  • When you are ready grief work can begin

Initial appointment:


You will be sent forms to fill in before your initial appointment, please allow for a 2.5 hour where you will receive consultation, womb therapy & self-care practice. $240. (If you need herbal tincture or herbs for yoni steam this will be an extra cost).


Follow up appointments: 1.5 hour. $150


Book and pay for 3 treatments in advance if you would like to work with particular issues relating to the menstrual cycle, fertility or sensitive issues. $460. Only pay $420 save $40


The Wound is Where the Light Enters You.  Rumi