A Life Changing Experience

Updated: Jan 13


10 October 2019

Have you ever been to sacred sites of the world that pulsate with incredibly high energy?

Where there is an enormous amount of light, consciousness and energy emanating from them. Stone Henge, Mt Shasta etc. Mount Bugarach France is another one of these places.

My first visit there was life changing, as we were standing at the start of the path, with my 3rd eye I could see beyond the vail and a Maori chief was walking towards me. This in the past has always been a warning to me, be alert. I knew that I was in for something, but what!

The path weaves its way up and up. I have no idea where on the path I was, but I heard a voice saying stop in my head, as I did so, I felt an activation all around my crown chakra, tingling and pulsating, then Wham, my crown charka totally opened up and I surged out of my body and though my skull like a rocket.

I got to a point where I felt suspended in space, I could see the grids around the earth, I could see lines warping and weaving around the earth. I felt them pulsating intensely full of energy, full of life, it was like this energy keeps the earth, the planets, the whole of life, everything in place, it never stops pulsating and is in perfect order and synchronicity, it was incredible.

I felt the knowledge that the grids were warping and weaving to make room for me to grow, that I needed to grow beyond who I am, that I needed to take up more space in the universe, that everyone on the planet is important. I could see other connections linked into the grid. These grids got wider and shifted so easily and effortlessly, like waves ebbing and flowing, making room for me to grow.

I have no idea how long this experience was, I descended back into my body and deep lung heaving followed. I believed I was small, at times lived like a victim, that life was hard.

I faced parts of my shadow self, I perceived with all my sense’s and being, that I needed to grow. The universe was waiting for me to grow and take up more space within it, more space as a healer, a teacher and a leader. Here I am.

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