Contact with Old Mother Wood


Well 2,

80 ks from well 1

My first experience down an oil well was so challenging and heavy — trying to process dominatrix energy while cooking and living on a boat with 12 men.

And at the same time, it was also heart-opening and healing.

We sailed overnight to reach another rig, I found myself wondering if there was going to be a different diva or energy for this second oil well and rig, that we were servicing. Or, would it be the same energy that I experienced the first time I meditated down an oil well. Then a flick of remembrance came… It was like when I used to crawl and squeeze through systems of underground caving, and there was a different feel in each cave we went to. I got excited.

Travelling down the shaft in meditation of  this well was totally different. The colours I was seeing were waves of tans and browns. The energy felt a thousand times harder — incredibly dense, solid and ancient. I couldn’t believe the feeling of oldness. This feeling was incredibly deep and so old — I couldn’t comprehend the age of this space and land. It’s so old, it’s mind-blowing. I don’t know the words to describe the feeling — it’s so ancient, It’s way out of my experience.

I felt a presence in this space by the very subtle difference in vibration of energy. I felt it come from the front, and I knew it was there sussing me out. I started sending love and gratitude from my heart. I felt, heard in that telepathic way a voice that asked me who was I, what am I, what did I want. Wow, I felt like I was intruding.

I sent out that I was there to give love, gratitude and thanks for the oil. I heard a massive “YOU’RE A LIAR” came back in a deep, hard, commanding loud voice/ vibration.

The energy felt challenging and demanding, asking who and what I was. I felt very small, challenged and said “I’m not a liar. I am here to give thanks, gratitude and love.” I felt so threatened. Fear raised up in me again, and this interaction pulled me from my meditation.

That day and days to follow until the last week of my five weeks of working (called a swing) I doubted myself, doubted my ability, doubted my intentions. Who was I to communicate with oil Devis while I worked in the oil and gas industry, supporting companies penetrating and extracting oil from the earth? I questioned and doubted the material things in my life that required oil to make.

I felt like a hypocrite. Who the fuck was I?

Every time I turned into the energy of this well, tears would sit on the ends of my eyelids and roll down my cheeks. I would pull my mind back to the present moment and focus on cooking again, while hiding my face so no other crew members would see me, hoping the food wouldn’t take on a sad vibration.

I gathered my courage and started meditating again down well two. I saw and felt the tans and browns. And once again, the feeling of the age of this earth blew me away — phenomenally ancient.

Then, a face came to me. It was like a being from the ice age time — kind of like an ape-human face. This being came right into my aura, creating a tingling feeling. It felt like they were checking me out. I still can’t comprehend the feeling the energy of the well and the depth of oldness.

I focused on love and gratitude, and then a vision and feeling of violation and penetration came over me, taking my breath away. It felt like our mother was being penetrated by machines. It felt like women and children getting raped and violated by angry dominant masculine energy, right now.

A vision came to me of my own experience of abuse unable to physically fight back, to scream out, being dominated — generations, years and centuries and centuries of abuse of the feminine. I breathed deep. I sucked in that air and kept focusing on sending love, compassion.

Then the being, energy that I connected with a couple of days ago came though. The energy was softer but so ancient. I can’t comprehend the feeling of age with this earth, my mother.

Communicating with this being was easier, softer. I asked her what her name was and what was I to call her. I didn’t quite get it, but it was like “old mother petrified wood.” I communicated that I was grateful and that I was willing to help in some way, to be of service to her. A feeling of raising humans’ awareness to ask permission before drilling, to give thanks, to give gratitude for everything in our lives that requires oil to make, operate, and to transport. I felt a feeling of not one thank you has been given to the oil diva or our mother for oil.

It takes about a couple of days to readjust to so-called normal life on land. While holidaying in New Zealand, I contacted friends that I totally trust and have known for many years. We have travelled and cleared dross from land, lay lines using sacred geometry to help heal our earth.

I shared my experience with them, and into the mediation room we went. We set our intentions and John invoked the masters to guide and heal. During this time, I connected to the old mother wood well, going deep into meditation. The feeling of ancient oldness was there and then a feeling of the forest’s pre-Ice Age-wanted acknowledgment. The beings of the trees were present in our meditation, and I gave thanks for these forests.

We all gave thanks and gratitude to the devi’s. And what I heard at the end of the meditation is “our thanks and gratitude was a drop in the ocean.”

A friend challenged me that if I’m committed to our mother that I need to start a blog page of my experiences to get the message out to the eithers into consciousness.

These experiences in the oil wells impacted my being greatly. I am now aware of what I have taken for granted in the past — that all materialism is made from oil, travel, cargo, from the things we wear and carry. Or the amount of plastic required for wrapping and transporting.  How often have I thanked the mother for petrol, planes and trains even my push bike?

The list goes on and on.

And then, there was the moral conflict within myself, working in an industry that drills and extracts the oil…

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