LOVE LETTERS from clients.

What an amazing experience I had spiritually, physically and emotionally at Denise's Womb Workshop.


Over the last 20 years, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and healing, and done so many different healing modalities to feed my soul and free my soul, to unravel and unwind.


But I can stand firmly in my truth and share that I have never experienced such a powerful healer ever before. Denise holds such a sacred, supportive and compassionate space and literally guides you home and back to your truth.


I recommend Denise whole heartily for anyone that feels the pull. Denise is very professional and compassionate and is a true healer and teacher.


With Love and Gratitude

Sonia Heijames xx

“Your workshop was an awakening for me”


I wanted to email you the biggest thank you!


Your workshop was an awakening for me. I felt refreshed and somehow reborn from my behaviours. I know my unwanted behaviours won't just go away straight away but -- During your workshop I had a realisation moment -- some people call that a shift of consciousness -- and I believe that happened to me.


For many years, I yearned for parents that cared, a family that cared, acceptance, acknowledgement that I was here and alive, for all those people who did me wrong during my childhood to be held accountable. This was pretty much the VICTIM headspace.

In the workshop, something triggered in my head, my heart and my body that said  - Time to OWN IT and CUT THE BULLSHIT!


I don't need acceptance from anyone else but ME, to LOVE ME and see ME. This was very powerful for me and I have loved every moment of it.


I honestly did not know what to expect from the workshop, all I knew was I had to follow this gut feeling, this calling that my tipuna have been giving me.


I am not sure where this will lead me but I do have a better understanding and appreciation of myself and I thank you for that. I have been practicing what you have taught me and it is working a world of wonders.


Thank you for crossing my path and helping me reconnect with my passion xXx


Naku Noa,

Kind Regards,

Krystle-Lee Simpson

“Extremely Healing”


A very spiritual therapy and an experience that was extremely healing. xx


Sheryl Fleming

“Amazing Workshop For Women of All Ages”


Denise runs such an amazing workshop for women of all ages. Highly recommend it to all! The best workshop I've experienced at a festival.


Brooke Elizabeth