21-23 MAY 2021 

North Arm Cove, NSW 

Womb devotion and menstrual cycle knowledge has been known, honoured,
respected and passed down from indigenous cultures and wise women for ages. Our

womb has two functions, to clean herself and to create life.

When one’s womb is energetically filled with negative experiences from past or
present, it can collectively create all sorts of physical, emotional or behavioural
issues. This blocks the ability to create life, to manifest visions, and receive and give

With compassion and grace you can access your shadow and connect with your
womb. This can be an incredibly empowering and emotionally purging experience.
This will make space for your personal freedom and growth from within, allowing you
to embody and anchor more of your soul, here on earth. This will give you the ability to have greater
expression in your life and receive abundance from all avenues in the universe.

Examples of negative experiences include generational patterns, abortion, miscarriages, abuses,

past life experiences and other injustices that can and have happened to the feminine personally

and generationally. 


It takes courage and raw determination to feel, know and accept that you came from love and are love.

What to expect: In this retreat you will learn how to decrease problematic symptoms of

painful periods, fibroids, polyps, conception issues, you will experience the energetic womb,

self external womb massage, pelvic release postures, safe embodiment,

yoni steaming, womb mapping, connected breathe work, yin yoga,

yoga nidra, guided meditation and much more.

I invite you to feel and know the truth, love, power and wisdom that you are.


​​​​​​​Start 5pm Friday 21 May  

Finish 3pm Sunday 23  May 2021. 



Early bird single room $1080 

Full price $1450

Early bird shared room: $880

Full price $ 1250


Paid in full  by 7th May 2021

  All inclusive, accommodation, 3 x vegetarian meals and snacks, GF,V catered for. 

3 x yoga classes and all teachings & practices. 

Numbers are limited to create a safe intimate experience.


$200 deposit will secure your place on the retreat, payment must be paid in full by 7th May.

    (payment plan available).

Bookings: + 61 045 116 7795

Payment by OSKO: 045 116 7795

or use Paypal button below 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wombdevotion/

Email: denise@wombdevotion.com 

Your accommodation for the weekend:




Once registered you will be sent forms regarding your womb history to be filled out before the start of the retreat, as well as a what to bring list. All yoga props are supplied unless you want to use your own. 

Denise Ball is a passionate practitioner, she uses traditional reproductive healing techniques to restore balance and wellbeing. She is a remedial & deep tissue massseuse. Denise is also trained in Psychosomatic therapy, Craniosacral therapy and is a registered Social Worker in New Zealand & Australia. She leads women through practices to deepen the connection with the womb-heart  including womb massage, yoni stem, breathing techniques and how to embody more of your feminine power. 

Naomi Patton: Naomi’s passion for yoga began over 20 years ago and is where she has always ‘come home’. As well as working in class settings Naomi also has experience assisting clients one on one in their recovery from physical injuries and psychological trauma including PTSD. Naomi believes yoga should be accessible to all regardless of ability or experience. There’s something to be discovered and enjoyed by everyone!

Yin yoga: Has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist philosophy and much like acupuncture works on specific meridians or energy channels within the body. As opposed to our more active ‘yang’ physical asana practice, yin encourages inwardness and introspection with long held poses mostly on the floor. Yin unlike restorative yoga uses few props, relying more on gravity and the body’s position to work with the deepest ‘yin’ connective tissues such as ligaments, fascia, tendons and bone. These tissues respond to pressure, or ‘healthy stress’ in order to become stronger and more resilient, therefore in a yin yoga class you will feel more sensation. 

Restorative yoga: a nourishing yoga practice using many props to support the body in specific positions in order to create deep relaxation, restoration and healing through movement of prana or ‘life force’ in a passive way. These positions are held for a longer period of time, are mostly on the floor and are deeply relaxing and calming on our nervous system. 

Anusara yoga: Hatha yoga meaning ‘flowing with grace’. Has its roots in the non-dual tantric philosophy. Weaving heart qualities through classes in order to align your heart, mind and body with an emphasis on alignment of the physical body with the intention of the soul.