An organic quest to awaken, unveil, heal and connect to the ancient wisdom of your womb-heart.

Your womb-heart is a physical & esotieric reservoir where hidden stories, memories &energetic impressions reside. Due to life experiences we can oftern becoe blocked, shut down and stuck, within our womb-heart. This retreat offering is designed to bring higher awareness to your body and unresolved issues resting dormant deep within you.

The truth will set your free?

What to expect: Healing pain/disconnect/desensitisation,reestablish life-force (prana), re-connect to forgotten wisdom, radiate and magnetise love, reclaim personal power, opportunity and creative purpose and much more. 

Womb self massage

Connected breathwork

Plevic Release postures

Psoas stretching & trauma release work

Womb mapping - art therapy

Guided meditations 

Start 5pm Friday 1st March & finish 5pm Sunday 3rd March 2019

Investment: $740 or earlybird & $590 (paid in full by 1st January 2019)

All inclusive, share accommodation twin rooms, 3 meals a day.


Your Facilitators

Marie Muller is a practitioner of Remedial, Deep Tissue massage and Psychosomatic Therapy for over 35 years. Through her experiences of sacredness and re-connection to Source, Marie has traveled to power centers and sacred sites around the globe. She is known as an intuitive spiritual teacher who expresses the Divine mothers essence and Heart energy. Her 35+ years of training have encompassed metaphysics, yoga, meditation spiritual healing, chakra balancing, crystal and magnetic healing. Using modalities developed from her training in Psychosomatic Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, one of her strengths is to help you reprogram your subconscious, freeing you from destructive behaviour patters and reconnecting you to your soul

Denise Ball is a passionate Womb facilitator helping women by using traditional reproductive practices restoring balance and lifeforce. She is a remedail, deep tissue massage therapist, a Satir therapist, facilitator of Tantra workshops and is a registered social worker in New Zealand and Australia. Denise leads women through temple practices such as yoni steam, breathing techniques, breast massage all to deepen the connection with your womb- heart. 


Womb and Adominal Therapy 

One on One Session 

Allow 2.5 hours ( for consultation and massage )  $170

Mizan is an Arabic word that means balance. 


Mizan one on one treatments focus on the underlying seed causes of your womb symptoms. By using traditional reproductive healing techniques to restore balance, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Included in this treatment

  • In depth consultation

  • A full Mizan massage

  • Self care massage with instructions 

  • Using a faja- belly wrap

  • Herbal remedies*

                               * additional cost

Subsequent treatments: $110 for an 1.5 hour.

Packages are available for booking and payment in advance. 

Contact me to book your first appointment. 

Womb Heart Retreat Christchurch.


When one’s womb is energetically filled with negative experiences from past or present, it can collectively create all sorts of physical , emotional or behavioural issues.  This blocks the ability to create life, to manifest visions, and receive and give love.  


Examples of negative experiences include generational patterns, abortion, miscarriages, abuses, past life experiences and other injustices that can and have happened to the feminine personally and generationally.


Diving deep into your shadow and connecting with your womb is an incredibly powerful and emotionally purging experience. This makes space for incredible freedom within your womb-heart to truly anchor and embody more of your soul to be expressed in this life and receive abundance from all avenues of the universe.


It takes courage and raw determination to feel, know and accept that you came from love and are love. In this retreat you will learn how to decrease problematic symptoms and experience the energetic of the womb, self external womb massage, yoni steaming, womb mapping,  temple practice, connected breathing, Incest of thought, psoas stretching and much more. I invite you to feel and know the truth, love, power and wisdom within you.


 Start 5pm Friday 3rd May 

Finish 12pm Sunday 5th May 2019.


Investment: $750 or Early Bird $610 (paid in full by 17th April 2019)

Numbers are limited.


Deposit of $200 required to confirm your place. Fully refundable. 

A concession is available, contact me for more details.


This retreat will be held in a subalpine environment in the Craigieburn Basin at the cosy comfortable Porters Lodge. A great place to take time out and be nestled in the healing energy of the mountains, you will have twin share accommodation, 3 x vegetarian meals a day, all dietary requirements are catered for. You will receive a goodie bag on arrival. 


Once payment is confirmed you will be sent a confidential questionnaire regarding your womb health, to be returned prior to starting the retreat.If you require transport we will try and  co create carpooling,  details will be confirmed prior to weekend.


What to bring: loose comfy clothes, something warm for night time, a pillow to sit on and your water bottle. If you have a photo of your mother please bring it. If you do not, please bring a photo of your step mother or main caregiver.



*I will be available for one on one Mizan Womb Abdominal Therapy pre or post retreat. 

*additional cost

Hidden Memories of Birth 


24th  May 2019

Our first spiritual teacher is our mother. She is our universe and the moon and stars while in the womb and the first seven years of life. We absorb our mother’s subconscious patterns while in the womb.


Have you ever been curious about your relationship with your mother or father. You may have pondered on some of the following… 


Why did you choose or get forced to have the parents you have? 

What was your parents’ relationship like while you were in the womb?

Did you feel safe, loved and wanted while in the womb?

How were you conceived? Were you a “mistake”?

Was your mother dominated over when you were conceived?

Were you adopted? 

Were both of your parents ready for you? 

Did your mum have you to try to keep her man, your father


A part of us is so wise and chose before birth our mother and father.


By taking responsibility for ourselves before we were even born can be a catalyst for awakening to our true power. No matter how traumatic or loving our relationships were with our parents -- there’s a part of us that absolutely knows what we have taken on to remember who we are. 


Exploring hidden pre-birth memories, knowing our own birth  allows us more freedom and space to be truly who we are -- not limited by the beliefs and conditions each of us absorb from the womb and the environment we were born into.


Remembering why you chose this lifetime and seeing the beliefs and the patterns you have played out in your own life from your womb time helps us take full responsibility. You can gain huge insights, deepen your love connection with yourself, and recall the lessons you came to learn. And ultimately, to embody more of your soul and freely live your own life. 

When: Friday

23 May  2019

Time: 9.30am - 4:00pm

Where: Ngakau Aroha Centre

191 Commerce st


Bay of Plenty 

New Zealand

Investment: $130 

What to bring: wear loose comfy cloths, a pillow to sit on, a blanket, a photo of your birth parents. A plate of vegetarian food for a shared lunch, your water bottle.  



25th May 2019

Seek the truth that settles inside your womb. Give yourself permission to explore the barriers that inhibit the growth of living a more creative, sensual and expressive life.


Many core problems that show up in your life may be stored in your womb. Energetic dross collected in our womb could be from the present or the past, generational patterns, relationship issues, bad sex, miscarriages, past life experiences or terminations. These are just some examples of what memories can subconsciously be held in your womb.


If you suffer from heavy periods, cramps, fibromyalgia, or other menstrual issues, it is your womb trying to tell you: “Hey, I’ve got something to tell you. Listen to me, love me, come home to me.” As women, we have an opportunity every month to shed emotional dross in harmony with our menstrual cycle. 


During the Womb Healing Workshop, you will have an opportunity to release these subconscious memories and energies. Some practices include:


Connect with your body and womb-space - Gentle exercise, breath work, meditation.

Womb mapping - Discover who or what you are unconsciously holding in your womb

External womb massage - Eliminate any old toxins from your uterus, increase circulation to your pelvic area, this is emotionally comforting.  

Receive feedback from Denise - You’ll have the opportunity to share, ask questions, and receive insights and support from Denise. 

Sisterhood - A space to create and experience trust, respect, sharing and inclusion with other women.


For each woman, what you walk away with is different. Many women have reported experiencing more joy, sensuality, creativity, a deeper connection with self, being empowered and able to speak up for self. 


Note: this workshop is good for those women who suffer with menstruation issues, fibroids, PCO,  participants will learn self-care practice techniques to use at home. A journal will be provided for each participant.

When: Saturday 

24th May  2019

Time: 9.30am - 4:00pm

Where: Ngakau Aroha Centre

191 Commerce st


Bay of Plenty 

New Zealand

Investment: $145

What to bring: wear loose comfy clothes, a pillow to sit on, water bottle and a plate of shared vegetarian food for lunch 

             THE GODDESS IS YOU


26 MAY 2019 

Women cannot be silenced or bound any longer, we are in great need of aligning our sacred values and claim what we have hidden or forgotten and reclaim our vision and mission on earth. This will empower us to embody more of our soul and sit on our own throne of sovereignty.


Weaving and building sisterhood will encourage you to stay on the path of truth and love though the wisdom and voice of the womb, which seeks and requires deeper communication, attention, connection and love. 


During the womb blessing work shop we will participant in ceremony and ritual to awaken the priestess and goddess within. You will have an opportunity to share your wisdom and relinquish what is no longer needed.  We will meditate, dance, receive blessings, ritual and ceremony to awaken and emember. 


Together we will co-create a trusting and supportive space where each participant will feel honoured, heard, seen and accepted.  Bless your own womb using your feminine life force………… she is waiting for you.


What to bring:  Water bottle, shared plate for lunch, please wear a dress or flowing loose comfy clothes, 

a cushion to sit on, a photo of yourself as a child, your water bottle and your open beautiful self.  

When: 25 MAY 2019

TIME:10:00 - 4:00 PM

Where: Ngakau Aroha Centre

191 Commerce st


Bay of Plenty 

New Zealand

Investment $100

What to bring: wear a dress or loose flowing clothes, a cushion to sit on, a shared plate of vegetarian food for lunch. 

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