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The Jade egg practice is advocated through the Chinese Dynasties and the White Tigress Lineage. The tradition of exercising the pelvic floor muscles with polished stone eggs was practiced by the concubines to the Chinese Emperor.


The Taoist tradition states that having toned pelvic floor muscles and yoni, intensifies life-force energy. When you practice with a Jade egg you can expect an increase of vitality, strengthening of your chi and  hightened sensitivity.  You will experience a new type of pleasure and connection.When we use the jade egg it grounds us in our centre, subconscious emotions held with the womb can transpire. 


Jade egg practice is also recommended for incontinence, post birth, disconnection from your womb, and other pelvic conditions. It takes courage to work with this stone, but he reards are great.   


In this workshop you will learn; grounding and clearing meditation, protocals and guidelines and precaution for use, ovarian breating and  safe keeping. 

When: 11 April  2021

Time :  9.30am-1.30pm 

Where: Yoga & Mantra & Wellness Centre

1 Trades Court, Forster, 2423            

Investment: $160 (Jade Egg included)

What to bring: sarong or sheet and water bottle.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at: denise@wombdevotion.com 

Payment by OSKO: 0451167795

When:  24 April 2021

Time: 9.30 - 4pm 

Where: 180 Violet Hill rd, Boolambayte, NSW 2423 


What to bring: Wear loose comfy clothes, water bottle and plate of shared vegetarian plate to share. 

Payment by OSKO: 0451167795 

or use paypal button below. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at denise@wombdevotion.com 

Seek the truth that settles inside your womb. Give yourself permission to explore the barriers that inhibit the growth of living a more creative, sensual and expressive life.


Many core problems that show up in your life may be stored in your womb. Energetic dross collected in our womb could be from the present or the past, generational patterns, relationship issues, bad sex, miscarriages, past life experiences or terminations. These are just some examples of what memories can subconsciously be held in your womb.


If you suffer from heavy periods, cramps, fibromyalgia, or other menstrual issues, it is your womb trying to tell you: “Hey, I’ve got something to tell you. Listen to me, love me, come home to me.” As women, we have an opportunity every month to shed emotional dross in harmony with our menstrual cycle. 


During the Womb Mapping Workshop, you will have an opportunity to release these subconscious memories and energies. Some practices include:


Connect with your body and womb-space - Gentle exercise, breath work, meditation.

Womb mapping - Discover who or what you are unconsciously holding in your womb

  You’ll have the opportunity to share, ask questions, and receive insights and support from Denise. 

Sisterhood - A space to create and experience trust, respect, sharing and inclusion with other women.


For each woman, what you walk away with is different. Many women have reported experiencing more joy,  deeper connection with self, feeling empowered and able to speak up for self. 


 A journal will be provided for each participant.

Womb Mapping  

24 April 2021


21-23 MAY 2021 

Watch this space ..................

“What an amazing experience I had spiritually, physically and emotionally at Denise's Womb Workshop.”
Over the last 20 years, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and healing, and done so many different healing modalities to feed my soul and free my soul, to unravel and unwind.
But I can stand firmly in my truth and share that I have never experienced such a powerful healer ever before. Denise holds such a sacred, supportive and compassionate space and literally guides you home and back to your truth.
I recommend Denise whole heartily for anyone that feels the pull. Denise is very professional and compassionate and is a true healer and teacher.
With Love and Gratitude
Sonia Heijames xx
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