Hidden Memories  of Birth 



Our first spiritual teacher is our mother, she is our universe and the moon and stars while in the womb and the first seven years of life. We absorb our mother' subconscious patterens while in the womb.

Have you ever thought to yourself, 

 Why did you choose or get forced to have the parents you have?

What was your parent's relationship like while you were in the womb?

Did you feel safe, loved and wanted while in the womb?

How were you conceived? Were you a "mistake"?

Was your mother dominated over when you were concieved? 

Were you adoped?

Were both of your parents ready for you?

Did your mum want you, to try to keep her man, your father?

Theres an intellgence inside each and evey one of us that chooses before birth our mother, father, culture and country.

By taking responisbility for ourselves before we were even born can be a catalyst for awakening to our true essence and potency. No matter how traumatic or loveing our relaitonship is with our parents- theres a part of us that absolutely knows what we have taken on to remember who we are.

Exploring hidden pre-birth memories, knowing our own birth story allows us more freedome and space to be truly who we are- not limited by the beliefs and conditions each of us absorb from the womb and the environment we were born into.

Re-membering why you chose this lifetime and seeing the beliefs and the patterns you have played out in yoru own life from your womb time and birth helps us take full responsibility. You can gain huge insights, emotional freedom, recieve more love,  give more love and recall the lessons you came to learn. Ultimately to embody more of your spirit and freely live your own life. 

When: Sunday

16 August 2020

Time: 10am- 4.30pm 

Where: 180 Violet Hill Rd

Boolambayte, 2423


Investment: $110


Please wear loose comfy cloths, bring a blanket, a plate of vegetarian food for a shared lunch, your water bottle. 

The Womb Heart Retreat - Remembering Your Essence

11,12,13th September 2020


Denise Ball & Justine Thompson are on a journey to awaken, discover, heal and connect to the void and ancient wisdom of your womb-heart!


Your womb-heart is a physical & esoteric reservoir where hidden stories, memories & energetic impressions reside. Due to life experiences we can often become blocked, shut down, stuck, desensitised and unaware of the source of the limitations.


This retreat is designed to bring higher awareness to your body and explore any unresolved issues resting dormant deep within your womb and the vast vortex of life & wisdom waiting to live through you.


This will be an immersive experience designed to deeply help you with:

- Healing pain, disconnect and desensitisation

- Reestablishing life force (prana)

- Reconnecting to forgotten feminine wisdom

- How to radiate and magnetise love

- Reclaiming your personal power

- Reaping opportunity and creative purpose


There will be plenty of useful methodology too:


- Womb self-massage

- Connected breathwork

- Yoga for pelvic-release

- Psoas stretching & trauma release work

- Womb mapping / Art therapy

- Guided meditations




Early bird $490 (paid in full by 21st August)

Full price $550 

All inclusive. (your own room)

Three wholesome vegetarian meals a day,

snacks etc.. 

All teachings and practices.


Bookings: +61 045 116 7795


Payment accepted via Bank deposit or OSKO pay ID +61 451167795, with no surchange. 




Your Facilitators:

Denise Ball is a practitioner of Mizan therapy helping women by using traditional reproductive healing techniques to restore balance to the womb and wellbeing. She is a remedial, deep tissue massage, Tantra teacher and is a registered social worker in New Zealand and Australia. Denise is passionate and leads women through practices to connect with the womb-heart though ritual, temple practices including womb massage, yoni steam, breathing techniques, and how to embody more of your feminine power. www.wombdevotion.com


Justine Thompson Yoga

Justine is an Anusara Elements™ yoga teacher, teaching people of all levels of ability safe, well aligned yoga poses that stimulate and motivate us physically, mentally and spiritually.


We will practice moving the body with a focus on alignment to develop strength and vitality, opening ourselves to the endless possibilities of life. Our first class on Friday will be a gentle restorative and meditation to help you relax and let go of the week. Saturday and Sunday mornings we will explore a variety of poses with a focus on the hips and pelvis to ground, connect and balance in preparation for the workshops with Denise.


I have experience working with people at various levels of ability, if anyone has any physical concerns I can provide variations for them to work at an appropriate level.


PS: Thank you to the creator of this image, if anyone knows who it is please let me know. 

Cancellation, Refund Policy: See page on website

Please note you can use Paypal for your transaction a 2.6% surcharge is included in the price. 

Early Bird: $502

Full Price: $565

To pay by Paypal send to: denise@wombdevotion.com 

Deposit required: $150 to hold your space

Please note there are limited numbers, once a deposit is recieved a list of  of requirments

and a health questionnaire will be sent to you. 

Refund & Cancellation Policy

We are living in fast changing times, naturally no one registers with the intention of cancelling or postponing their retreat, unexpected things do happen.Given the exceptional circumstances Womb Devotion will treat each situation faily.


Reservations are accepted on a first come, first served basis as space is limited, to secure your place, a deposit of $150 is required at time of booking. With the balance payable no later than the date given on the retreat page.

To qualify for the early bird you must book and pay in full by hte given date, 21st August 2020.

Please note you can use PayPal for your transaction a 2.6% surcharge is included in the price.

Early bird:$502

Full price:$565

To pay by PayPal send to denise: denise@wombdevotion.com

Payment accepted via bank transfer or OSKO pay ID+614511677

Refund Policy

If the retreat is cancelled due to goverment requirements (Covid) you will receive afull refund of monies paid, minus $50 non-refundable. If you cancel  there will be a $50 non-refundable cancellation fee.​ All protocol is and will be followed.

If the participant leaves the retreat prior to its conclusion refunds will not be made for the unused portion of the retreat.


Womb Devotion wukk at tunes be ogitigraogubg abd/or filiming hte retreat. Womb Devotion wishes to use such photographs/video in its advertising, displays, publicity materials and publications, obviously not in sensitive moments. If you woul prefer not to appear in any of the images/footage please inform Womb Devotion prior to the commencement of the retreat. 


This is an invite to attend a womens circle where you will learn and experience the history and benefits of Yoni steaming.

Benefits of steaming can include healing painfull periods, reducing symptoms of fibrods, cysts, regulating the menstrual cycle, unblocking fallopian tubes, constipation, uterine prolaspe and much more.

You will learn how to steam at home, safely. What herbs to use, the best times to steam, when not to steam.

Steaming is a lovely ritual, its a beautiful self loving experience to deepen the connection to your womb, the moon, the earth and cycles of nature.

Please RSVP as numbers are limited.
Please wear a long skirt or dress

Seek the truth that settles inside your womb. Give yourself permission to explore the barriers that inhibit the growth of living a more creative, sensual and expressive life.


Many core problems that show up in your life may be stored in your womb. Energetic dross collected in our womb could be from the present or the past, generational patterns, relationship issues, bad sex, miscarriages, past life experiences or terminations. These are just some examples of what memories can subconsciously be held in your womb.


If you suffer from heavy periods, cramps, fibromyalgia, or other menstrual issues, it is your womb trying to tell you: “Hey, I’ve got something to tell you. Listen to me, love me, come home to me.” As women, we have an opportunity every month to shed emotional dross in harmony with our menstrual cycle. 


During the Womb Healing Workshop, you will have an opportunity to release these subconscious memories and energies. Some practices include:


Connect with your body and womb-space - Gentle exercise, breath work, meditation.

Womb mapping - Discover who or what you are unconsciously holding in your womb

External womb massage - Eliminate any old toxins from your uterus, increase circulation to your pelvic area, this is emotionally comforting.  

Receive feedback from Denise - You’ll have the opportunity to share, ask questions, and receive insights and support from Denise. 

Sisterhood - A space to create and experience trust, respect, sharing and inclusion with other women.


For each woman, what you walk away with is different. Many women have reported experiencing more joy, sensuality, creativity, a deeper connection with self, being empowered and able to speak up for self. 


Note: this workshop is good for those women who suffer with menstruation issues, fibroids, PCO,  participants will learn self-care practice techniques to use at home. A journal will be provided for each participant.


What to bring: wear loose comfy clothes, a pillow to sit on, water bottle and a plate of shared vegetarian food for lunch 

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