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Did you know how you were born can influence your relationships and how you relate to others in your life, here and now?

Exploring your conception, in utero or post birth memories and knowing your own birth story can change relationships.

The conditions of how you were birthed, highlighting the beliefs and the patterns you have played out in your own life from your womb time helps us take full responsibility and remember who you are.

The rebirthing breath provides a process for deep relaxation and breaks down any mental blocks against emotions held in the body. You can gain huge insights and recall life lessons you came to learn and why you chose your family of origin.

If you have a deep yearning to “know thy self” or wanting a deeper understanding and connection with your relationships, then relinquishing your birth memory is a great place to start- with your first breath.



What to bring: a pillow, blanket and your water bottle.

Please wear loose comfy clothes.
Refreshments and snacks offered.

Where: 180 Violet Hill Road, Boolambayte


Investment: $100

To book your spot use

OSKO - no fees

To avoid fees contact me directly for bank details.

It’s been a few weeks since my session with Denise and I have transformed so much. During our session Denise helped identify what limitations I was holding and the origin of them from my maternal lineage. Through her powerful bodywork, tender holding and fierce love she helped me to shift very old ways of seeing myself in this world. My deep connection to Mother Earth, my womb and my heart have been opened. I sit in the centre of my world, creating with love the vision I hold for myself, my loved ones, my community and Mother Gaia. Thank you Denise for your magical medicine, so much gratitude. 


Sigrid Boyle

Hawaiian Energetic Bodyworker- Ka Huna Massage, Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage, Energy Healing, Women's Circles 

“What an amazing experience I had spiritually, physically and emotionally at Denise's Womb Workshop.”
Over the last 20 years, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and healing, and done so many different healing modalities to feed my soul and free my soul, to unravel and unwind.
But I can stand firmly in my truth and share that I have never experienced such a powerful healer ever before. Denise holds such a sacred, supportive and compassionate space and literally guides you home and back to your truth.
I recommend Denise whole heartily for anyone that feels the pull. Denise is very professional and compassionate and is a true healer and teacher.
With Love and Gratitude
Sonia Heijames xx