Seek the truth that settles inside your womb. Give yourself permission to explore the barriers that inhibit the growth of living a more creative, sensual and expressive life.


Many core problems that show up in your life may be stored in your womb. Energetic dross collected in our womb could be from the present or the past, generational patterns, relationship issues, bad sex, miscarriages, past life experiences or terminations. These are just some examples of what memories can subconsciously be held in your womb.


If you suffer from heavy periods, cramps, fibromyalgia, or other menstrual issues, it is your womb trying to tell you: “Hey, I’ve got something to tell you. Listen to me, love me, come home to me.” As women, we have an opportunity every month to shed emotional dross in harmony with our menstrual cycle. 


During the Womb Healing Workshop, you will have an opportunity to release these subconscious memories and energies. Some practices include:


Connecting with your body and womb-space - Gentle exercise, breathwork, meditation 

Womb mapping - Discover who or what you are unconsciously holding in your womb

External womb massage - Eliminate any old toxins from your uterus, increase circulation to your pelvic area, this is emotionally comforting.  

Receive feedback from Denise - You’ll have the opportunity to share, ask questions, and receive insights and support from Denise. 

Sisterhood - A space to create and experience trust, respect, sharing and inclusion with other women.


For each woman, what you walk away with is different. Many women have reported experiencing more joy, sensuality, creativity, a deeper connection with self, being empowered and able to speak up for self. 

Pink Flower
“Within my body are all the sacred places of the world and the most profound pilgrimage that I can ever make is within my own body.” (Saraha) 

Like you maybe, I grew up not knowing about sex, and hearing people making crude jokes and remarks about it. Once it finally happened, I thought to myself: “Is this it? There’s got to be more to it than just this?!” So often I was dissatisfied, focused on his pleasure and not mine. I wasn’t aware of or able to ask for what I needed or wanted. I was always left wanting more. 


I found the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fulfillment I desired in sex through Tantra practices. 


Tantra guides us into how to enjoy sensuality and pleasure. It’s a stepping stone to attaining deeper love with yourself, healing deeply, and advancing your spirituality through sexual energy. 


Tantra practices can allow you to have times of great pleasure, discovering the sacredness and naturalness of sex, and evolve into you embodying more of Shiva and Shakti or god and goddess energies. They provide a way of connecting deeply within a relationship, supporting yourself and your beloved physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This builds deeper intimacy and increases pleasure which creates a rhythm and harmony in your relationships. 


During this Tantra workshop, I will guide you through breathing exercises, meditation, rituals, and practical techniques which you can weave into your daily life. After this workshop you will have have the tools to cultivate your own regular Tantra practices, allowing you to deepen your connection with self and your beloved.


These practices are for women in any relationship status -- whether you’re single, dating, or in a long term partnership. If you are single, Tantra empowers you to cultivate your own sexual energy through self-pleasuring. If you’re in a long-term relationship, Tantra can help you foster a deeper, most intimate connection sexually and emotionally with your partner. 


There is no nudity in this workshop. Props are used for all demonstrations.


Did you know we can play out patterns in our lives that start in the womb?


You may have carried subconscious hurts or insecurities unknowingly throughout your life. 


This workshop is birthed from the Womb Healing Workshop. During the workshops, a common theme expressed by participants was their own birth memories and their time in their mother's womb.


Our first spiritual teacher is our mother. She is our universe and the moon and stars while in the womb and the first seven years of life. We can pick up on our mother’s unconscious patterns while in the womb.


Have you ever been curious about your relationship with your mother? You may have pondered on some of the following… 


Why did you choose or get forced to have the parents you have? 

What was your parents’ relationship like while you were in the womb?

Did you feel safe, loved and wanted while in the womb?

How were you conceived? Were you a “mistake”?

Was your mother dominated over when you were conceived?

Were you adopted? 

Were both of your parents ready for you? 

Did your mum have you to try to keep her man, your father


A part of us is so wise and chose before birth our mother and father. By taking responsibility for ourselves before we were even born can be a catalyst for awakening to our true power. No matter how traumatic or loving our relationships were with our parents -- there’s a part of us that absolutely knows what we have taken on or what has happened to us physically. 


Exploring hidden pre-birth memories allows us more freedom and space to be truly who we are -- not limited by the beliefs and conditions each of us absorb from the womb and the environment we were born into.


Remembering why you chose this lifetime and seeing the beliefs and the patterns you have played out in your own life from your womb time helps us take full responsibility. You can gain huge insights, deepen your love connection with yourself, and recall the lessons you came to learn. And ultimately, to embody more of your soul and more freely live your own life.