Yoni Massage

“Yoni”  is a Sanskrit word meaning "sacred cave".../vagina.

Yoni Massage is...


A potent, deeply empowering bodywork to improve life force, emotional freedom and blood flow, to the vagina and womb areas of a woman’s body. This is an intimate and sacred session that it is a gateway into the creative void of your wombs mysteries, and the heart of your essence as a woman.


Yoni massage can expand a women’s intuition and her ability to relax and receive on a deeper level of intimacy and sensuality.  You can expect increased insights, clarity and direction, emotional freedom, grounding, and embodying more of your essence.


There can be places within your pelvis (vagina, womb and pelvic areas) where you may be holding deep tension, trauma, numbness, or pain. These traumas can be passed down through the generations, past lives, life choices, birthing trauma, and medical misadventure. This deep tension creates a kind of internal muscular “armouring” in the tissues.


This muscular armour that occurs in and around a woman’s yoni,  is expressed by muscular rigidity, a hardness in the internal tissues when touched.   We create this rigidity and disconnection as a way of defending ourselves against emotions and physical sensations that are not desirable.


Yoni Massage is a way of consciously dissolving this tension and muscular armouring, thru conscious touch, massage and energy work.


In a Yoni massage session, we slowly explore your pelvic bowl, at your pace, using breath, awareness and conscious touch to inform us as to where the trauma and contraction is held in and around your Yoni.


Emotions that arise can be raw and powerful allowing the receiver's cellular memory and emotions to release from their body and auric field. This often gives the receiver a new sense of deep connection with her body, a renewed connection to sensation, and can be deeply healing and  transformational.

The Process:

  • Fill out online info, womb health and history.

  • Option to connect via zoom pre-appointment time.  

  • Complete intake process online including the signing of disclaimer 

  • Book your appointment time preference   

  • A ritual to call in the grandmothers.    

  • Womb Mandala mapping  

  • A sensual massage, from the crown of your head to the tip of your toes. 

  •  Yoni massage, at your pace, your time.  

  • Follow up call two weeks post-massage  

  •  Deep truth and clarity, insights and transformation 


Appointment Duration:3.5 hours

Send me an email, letting me know you would like an appointment, and I will get back to you ASAP, so we can Book a Day and Time, and send you everything you need to fill out the pre-session online intake form, about your womb health, and history.


"What an absolutely sacred and divine experience my first yoni massage with Denise was. I 

felt completely safe, nurtured and held as I embarked on a journey connecting back to the 

purest love energy of my being. It was the most beautiful, personalised ritual which began 

with essential oil selection, intention setting, candle lighting and a sensual body massage.  


Denise held a space that allowed me to experience a complete vulnerability and openness I 

have never experienced before. I felt love for every cell of who I am as a divine, feminine 

Goddess. Denise shared messages as we explored the trauma stored from past experiences of 

my yoni. It was a profound and life-changing experience.  


I recommend that every woman would benefit from taking part in this sacred practice of yoni 

massage. Denise, I have so much love and gratitude for you and the work you are doing. It 

will change the lives of many and pave a new way for women of the future.   

Thank you."  

-Terri Glover