My name is Denise Ball. 

My mother is Maori and my father a Pakeha from Northern Ireland decent. It wasn't until I reached my mid-twenties that I started asking what is Maori, who am I, where am I from, where do I belong, where do I fit. I had layers of questions, so I started seeking. And when we seek, we find. 


Ko Tawhirirangi Te Maunga

Ko Mohaka Te Awa

Ko Ngati Kuhungunu Te Iwi

Ko Nagti Pahauwera Te Hapu


I’d been living a life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll in London, where I was trying to escape my heart. I was not yet ready to deal with childhood wounds around the death of my mother when I was just 18 months of age, my years in a children’s home from ages 3 to 12 where I experienced sexual abuse,  my youngest brother taking his own life at the age of 17 years and my sister at the age of 36 years. 


But as I walked the city streets of London, images of a Maori Chief would walk towards me. I started to feel a rope connected to me from my ancestors -- calling me home to my Maori heritage. 


This led me back to New Zealand where I found myself volunteering at a Maori Healing Clinic. As I experienced deep generational healing, I felt the vail lifted to my ancestors -- who would whisper things in my ear about family members or about illnesses within myself. 


At first, I tried to run away and went into bodywork full-time. But soon found I couldn’t just do a physical massage.  So I started fine-tuning my healing and psychic skills and allowing the expression of my sensitivity. 




I spent the past 20 years deepening my understanding of truth between the physical and spiritual -- receiving trainings and certification such as Reiki, Reflexology, Tantra, a Bachelors in Social Work (Australia Association for Social Workers Registration No 469890) . I’ve attended moon lodges, earth healing, sweat lodges and pagan rituals, experienced Seven Rays meditation, journeyed with plant medicines and more. 

Along the way, I discovered womb work, healing my own cellular memory of sexual abuse, with physical and spiritual healing techniques. I surrendered to the depths of my own healing, working with women began to happen organically. 


Our womb has two purposes and that is to clean herself each month and create life.  It is a receptive organ that holds energetic impressions of intimate relationships (positive or not), miscarriages, terminations, deceased loved ones and so much more. 


These emotional memories are held in the cells or blueprint of our body, even if your womb or parts of it has been removed. These collected experiences can subconsciously inhibit and limit our growth, keeping us wallowing and stagnate in negative cycles. 


Our womb has an optimum position, as long as she is in her correct position, all vital life force- blood, lymph,nerves and qi will flow freely around her and through her. Any misalignment can cause restriction and congestion which can result in many physical problems, from painful menstruation, irregular cycles to fibroids and fertility issues. 

The good news is that all of these emotional memories and "physical problems" can be healed and transmuted. 


Through the power of our womb, we can heal ourselves, access our sensuality, draw in healthy loving relationships, and birth personal projects waiting to come into the world. 


Through devotion to your womb, you can: 


Experience tremendous healing and connection with your deepest self 

Clear deep subconscious ideas and beliefs 

Full in love with your self more deeply 

Give and receive love more easily

Deepen your intuition and flow in life

Claim your inner authority and strengthen your boundaries 

Embody and shine more of your soul’s light here on earth, papatunuki   

Unleash your creativity

Heal your physical symptoms 

Birth, ground and embody your purpose in this world!


I lead women through sacred practices to connect with the womb, including womb massage, yoni steam, breathing techniques, and how to embody your feminine power through your monthly cycle -- in group workshops and in - person sessions. 




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I also offer one-to-one sessions tailored to your intentions and needs, both in person or over Zoom.